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Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Questionnaire
Market Insights J.P. Morgan Asset Management is now an accredited provider of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for financial professionals in Australia!

Through the release of our publications, such as Guide to the Markets, Quarterly Perspectives and other timely research, you can take an online quiz and earn regular CPD hours. Once you've passed the quiz, you'll be issued with a CPD certificate at the end of the quarter.

Quiz for Quarterly Perspectives 4Q 2019
You must answer 3 out of 4 questions correct (75%) to pass. You have 3 attempts each quarter. Please answer all of the questions below.

The CPD certificate will be sent to the registered email address.

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1) Monetary policy is reaching the limits of what it can do to support economic growth. What other measures could be taken?
a) More government spending
b) Lowering central banks’ inflation targets
c) Currency devaluation
d) Protectionist policies to boost domestic demand

2) What helps to define ‘core’ assets in private markets?
a) Assets that are the most expensive
b) Predictable cash flows
c) Large projects of national importance
d) A utility company

3) Which economies have negative yields across their entire yield curve?
a) Germany, France and Italy
b) Japan, Germany and Netherlands
c) Germany, Netherlands and Finland
d) Finland, France and the Netherlands

4) What are some possible strategies to take advantage of higher market volatility to generate excess returns?
a) Commodity ETFs
b) Cash
c) Long/short derivative strategies
d) Long only equity positions

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